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Tasks and Functions


To training human resource of education management; research and development of education management; application of education management science; advise and consult educational authorities with a view to meeting demands of education and national development.


a) Training, Retraining

National Institute of Education Management  is a higher education institution, directly governed by Ministry of Education & Training which trains undergraduates and postgraduates of education management (Decision No: 501/QĐ-TTg dated 03/4/2006 of the Prime Minister)

 - To provide short-term training, retraining for professional development of education managers, civil servants from management bodies and Department of Education & Training in national education system according to regulated standard..

- To provide training for undergraduates and postgraduates (including disciplines: Nursery Education Managemetn, Primary Education Management, Secondary Education Management, Community Education Management) and several sectors related to education management: Education Administration, Educational Economics, Management Information…training masters and further doctors.

- To provide training with certificates of teaching profession awarded.

- To provide training and retraining lecturers of schools, faculties and education managers of local provinces.

b) Research and apply education management science:

-  To study theoretical backgrounds and practices of education management science;

- To study orientation on strategy, planning mapping, policies of education development and innovation.

- To advise, consult, apply education management science to education management bodies and DOETs.

- To accredit relevant researches, projects in terms of education management science.

c) Professionally support and cooperate bodies in education manager training institutions

- To write and develop curriculum, textbooks, contents, training methods for education managers.

- To collaborate with other education management institutions, faculties to ensure continuity in training, retraining managers of the sector.

- To provide information about education management science, guidelines, policies of the Communist Party and State on education management, to exchange experience of education management.

d) International relation

To cooperate with foreign bodies, organizations and individuals, Vietnamese people residing abroad in training, retraining, studying and applying education management science.

e) Other tasks, stipulated by University Regulations, by Law and assigned by authorized bodies


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