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Bachelor Programme

National Institute of  Education Management, as a higher education institution, has its function in educating and providing high quality human resource for the change in education managememt and the needs of education system.

  • *Training Mode
    • Currently, National Institute of  education Managemmet is providing education forms: formal, non-for-mal, transfering from year-baser training system into credit-baser training system.
  • *Training objectives

                   To equip learners with:

  • -> Comprehensive academic knowledge of trained disciplines;
  • -> Skills of applying learned knowledge into practice;
  • -> Research, Self-study and creativity capacity;
  • -> Independent working skills;
    • -> Bachelor of Education Management
    • -> Bachelor of Information Technology
    • -> Bachelor of Educational Psychology
    • -> Bachelor of Educational Studies
    • -> Bachelor of Education Economics
  • -> Bachelor of Education Management
  • -> Bachelor of Information Technology

NIEM has more than 20 years experience in training Master of Education Management, collaborating with local universities. After re-establishment (2006), NIEM has successfully trained 10 courses of nearly 800 masters ( including 17 Laos masters). With current capacities, NIEM is annually capable of training from 200 to 300 masters. Since 2013, NIEM provides Training Program for Doctors of Education Management.

* Post – Graduate program

  • -> Master of Education Management
  • -> Doctor of Education Management
  • -> Graduate Certificate Courses
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