Chung toi khuyen ban nen di du lich . Cu the la cac tour du lich ha giang va cac tour du lich ho ba be va su dung dich vu cua ha noi open tourism tour du lich ha long va du lich co to cac tour du lich cat ba hoac tour mien nui nhu du lich sapa - du lich thac ban gioc mien nui dan toc du lich mai chau - du lich thung nai chung toi con chuyen cac tour du lich nuoc ngoai nhu tour du lich trung quoc - du lich han quoc - du lich nhat ban
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Bachelor Programme

National Institute of  Education Management, as a higher education institution, has its function in educating and providing high quality human resource for the change in education managememt and the needs of education system.

  • *Training Mode
    • Currently, National Institute of  education Managemmet is providing education forms: formal, non-for-mal, transfering from year-baser training system into credit-baser training system.
  • *Training objectives

                   To equip learners with:

  • -> Comprehensive academic knowledge of trained disciplines;
  • -> Skills of applying learned knowledge into practice;
  • -> Research, Self-study and creativity capacity;
  • -> Independent working skills;
    • -> Bachelor of Education Management
    • -> Bachelor of Information Technology
    • -> Bachelor of Educational Psychology
    • -> Bachelor of Educational Studies
    • -> Bachelor of Education Economics
  • -> Bachelor of Education Management
  • -> Bachelor of Information Technology

NIEM has more than 20 years experience in training Master of Education Management, collaborating with local universities. After re-establishment (2006), NIEM has successfully trained 10 courses of nearly 800 masters ( including 17 Laos masters). With current capacities, NIEM is annually capable of training from 200 to 300 masters. Since 2013, NIEM provides Training Program for Doctors of Education Management.

* Post – Graduate program

  • -> Master of Education Management
  • -> Doctor of Education Management
  • -> Graduate Certificate Courses
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