Chung toi khuyen ban nen di du lich . Cu the la cac tour du lich ha giang va cac tour du lich ho ba be va su dung dich vu cua ha noi open tourism tour du lich ha long va du lich co to cac tour du lich cat ba hoac tour mien nui nhu du lich sapa - du lich thac ban gioc mien nui dan toc du lich mai chau - du lich thung nai chung toi con chuyen cac tour du lich nuoc ngoai nhu tour du lich trung quoc - du lich han quoc - du lich nhat ban
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International Collaboration and Joint – Training Programs

NIEM bonds comprehensive bilateral collaboration with many universities such as: National Institute of Education Singapore (NEI), National Institute for the Development of Teachers, Faculty and Staff and Education Personnel (NIDTEP) in Thailand, Southwest University (SWU) China, University of Westminster UK (UOW), International Institute of Education Planning Paris (IIEP), and other international universities and organizations in USA, Australia, Germany, Japan, Canada, Denmark, UNESCO and ASEAN nations...Through international relation programs, NIEM has exchanged many staff, lecturers and researchers PhD, Master degree courses and certificate courses, study tours and exchange programs for lecturers and students.


  • *  International joint – training programs:
    • -> Training programs for school primipals under cooperation between Vietnam and Singapore
    • -> Training program for Higher Education Leaders in collaboration with USA, Japan, Australia, Germany, Singapore, Denmark
    • ->  Joint – training program for Master of Education Management between NIEM and southwest University of China
    • -> Joint – training program program for undergraduate and graduate courses
  • *  In past ten years, NIEM has successfully trained a thousand Laos PDR officers under Agreement signed by two Governments. Since 2009, NIEM has admitted Laos PDR students for Bachelor and Master Program of Education Management.

NIEM’s Development Strategy for International Relation 2010 – 2015 and Vision 2020 identifies priorities in external affairs such as development of joint – training programs for undergraduates and post – graduates, cooperation in education management researches, enhancement of cooperation with international organizations and projects

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