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Student’s affairs

Student counselling

In the beginning of each school year, NIEM carries out Introductory Course for freshmen in order to provide first-hand information relating objectives, curriculum of NIEM, faculties and disciplines. Students are informed of Academic Regulations, Student Affair Regulations of MOET and NIEM.

Student studies and science research support

NIEM has specific policies and provides sufficient support for students in studies and lives such as scholarships awarded to those with excellent study results, school fee support for those of disadvantaged families or whose parents are veterans. Students are guided with procedures to gain credit loans from social policy banks to overcome financial difficulties and obtain better study results.

To inspire students’ desires for learning and career development, building up soft skills and seek for job opportunities, students are give free accounts to access “Students'Job Opportunities” on NIEM's website; NIEM has set up jobs and career School Counselling Center and clubs: Future Spychologists (FP), Information Technology Club (ITC), ITC Journal.

Annually, students are encourafed to do science researches. From 2006 upto now, many students have completed Institutional level research titles, made presentations at workshops, written articles for  NIEM's Journal of Education Management.

NIEM provides Dormitory Rooms for students and priority is fairly given to disadvantaged students.

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